Welcome to Biltmore Hats

Within the apparel industry, Biltmore Hats Inc. has established a legacy of quality and craftsmanship. Strong, consistent leadership combined with unmatchable production talent in our Master Hatters ensures continued success and a growing client base of over 800 customers. Biltmore Hats focuses on long-term business relationships with its customers by providing quality products and a high degree of customer service.
Our diverse customer base covers retailers, government agencies, police agencies, entertainment industry and private labels and is expanding as we continue to seek new opportunities that will take Biltmore to the next level internationally.
We are in the wholesale business to succeed through the design, manufacturing and sales of hats. We are fortunate to be able to produce some of the finest hats in the world. This tradition, which began in 1917, has developed with the hard work and dedication of 100’s of people. We are a team driven by a passion for the industry and dedicated to continuing to bring new designs and products to the marketplace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to effectively produce the finest quality hats through unique design and high-standard materials that brings consistent value to our clients, retailers and their end-users. To deliver customer service in a courteous, respectful manner that ensures a mutually beneficial experience working with Biltmore.

The People

Biltmore Hats boasts a team of talented individuals committed to excellence in their work. It is evident in the product they produce and shows in their ability to meet customer needs with innovative and cost effective solutions. We have an outstanding record of long term employees and Master Hatters whom have been with us an average tenure of 30 years.